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Greeting sponsors


I want to thank all of you for your continued generous support of the Zambia orphanage & school sponsorship. Life seems fairly normal there, with the usual struggles, of course. One of our college students has had some difficulties but with his sponsor's kind understanding and continued support he should finish in a couple of terms.


Victoria and her family suffered the tragic loss of her 4 month old granddaughter this past October. Pray for the family.


There are no current plans to travel to Zambia, but we will try to get pictures of the children to you.


Be blessed my friends,

Candy Kaminsky

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Pastor Victoria

Director of the Orphanage in Zambia

Z14 V & Grace with fans the church bough
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This is Ethel. She finished her college and is preparing for graduation day.  Thank you for your generous support in making Ethel's graduation day possible.  Please pray along with us that Ethel will find a good job.
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Womba Chikoko is doing well and is in the 3rd grade. In January 2021 she will be in the 4th grade. She is very helpful at the orphanage.

Womba is 8 years old and double orphaned. She was living with the elder sister to her mother.  However, her Aunt is now very ill. Womba had stopped going to School, and had no permanent home. She was brought to the orphange and is now very happy and able to continue with her schooling. 

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Namakando Nyambe is very active in school. He is very creative and very hard working. He is in 8th grade. Namakando is 13 years old. Both parents are alive but living in terrible poverty. Life is very hard for the family. If he gets sponsored it will be very big relief for the family.”
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Tabo Kumoyo is in 5 th grade and doing very fine in School. The boy loves to sing a lot at Sunday School. Tabo is 12years old he has only a mother, his Father died while still very young. She has been living a very difficult life. The life of begging for food. We will really appreciate getting him sponsorship." Your sponsorship can make a difference.
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"Anna Liyambela has greatly improved in many ways. She is in the 5th grade, when she came to the orphanage, she was always a very sad girl and very quiet. At School even the teachers were concerned. We were called by the School teachers to explain why Anna was so quiet and was not participating in school work. We explained to the teachers about the passing on of her parents, both of them in one year, that this could have affected her. The teachers started spending more time with her. We also gave ourselves to spend more time with her. I personally brought her to my home so she had time with my grandchildren. Now she is a very happy girl. Her young sister Limpo is doing well and in the second grade. She is a happy girl."
"Batuke Kalimuzila is in 5th grade and is doing very well in school. He is a very helpful boy. Batuke is living with his parents, but they are very poor. He helps them with gardening and going to fetch water. He is very happy that he is in School. The parents too are very excited about him being in School."
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Akebu Lengwanya is14 years old, His father passed away, he is living with his grandmother. The grandmother is very old and has many other orphans in the house. Life is very hard for them, as a family."
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 "This is Derrick Lyawga. Derrick will finish teacher school in December 2020. He was sponsored for school." Through your continued donations we have made a difference in lives and positively impacted futures....thank you for supporting missions through Bristol UMC
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This is Mulemwa Mukosho, (Moses).  He is a boy who had a really had a hard life before coming to the orphanage. Moses is doing very well in School. He is a good boy. Very helpful . He loves the Orphanage.